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Gazing towards Snežnik from my window every morning for the last week arouse a desire to conquer it. So I took the initiative and send out an invitation for a ski tour for the upcoming weekend. I was a bit disappointed realizing no one is willing to join. So I did it again ... I have a bad habit of 'regarding' myself - I decided I'll go for a trip if I will wake up not later than at 6 AM << guess this was more an excuse not to go than a motivation for a trip.

Friday night I had a dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Portorož. The food wasn’t bad, but the quality and taste was neither close to the one you can get at Chuis’s or Lake Restaurant in Austin, TX - jeh, it seems I got a bit spoiled :)

The food made me wake up already at 4 AM. So the decision was made - I'll go for a trip but will decide at Sviščaki if I'll proceed to the mountain depending if I'll find a group of people to join. Wend back to bed and wake up again around 6:30 AM just in time for a wonderful sunrise - Snežnik was painted in red.

Of course I wasn't disciplined enough to prepare all the gears a day before. So I hurried up and started from home at 8 AM. After parking at Sviščaki I made a decision I'll prepare a ski touring preparation checklist for the next trip. Aghhh ... I FORGOT MY NICE WORMworm Mammut gloves at home. Fortunately I forgot to remove the ski gloves from my car last weekend too :)

As this was my first "solo" tour I was a bit scared. So I start a conversation with a nice guy controlling the traffic. He asked me how come I was never on Snežnik taking into account I'm from seaside. I replied: "Well ... I was never interested in mountaineering until not long ago, but this changed after conquering the 101 tower – there I realized I conquered most of the tallest building on the Earth, but I wasn't on Triglav jet << shame on me :)".

Getting out of the forest I recalled Bostjan's words the weather on Snežnik may surprise if not prepared adequately - a North wind was blowing so hard my cheeks turned red instantly. The conditions degraded to a point I had to put on all my clothes as well the ski crampons to reach the cottage on the peak.

After getting a cup of hot tea and a stew I decided to return on the same way I come from. First few hundreds meters of altitude were completely icy which isn't at least I removed the rust from my skis :)

I returned to my car just few minutes before it start snowing again. I packed, warmed up the car and got the road towards home.

Bottom line: it was a great experience - I realized I need more discipline when packing. I also realized a stew on Snežnik is a great alternative for a conditionally tasty (or better to say – hard to digest) Mexican food from the Slovenian seaside :)


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